Nor Cal Daffodil Society

It was Wordsworth who penned the memorable lines about the first flowers of spring: “I wandered lonely as a cloud/ That floats on high o’er vales and hills,/ When all at once I saw a crowd,/ A host, of golden daffodils.” If, like the dreamy-eyed poet, you long for an array of sunny beauties gracing your front yard as winter dies away, you’ll want to scope this site for, among other things, helpful tips about choosing and planting daffodil bulbs. Some of the useful information available includes Daffodil FAQs, Daffodil Divisions (there are 13 such descriptive divisions) and “Growing Daffodils in Pots.” You can find out about daffodil shows and annual events, such as the Mother Lode Show at Kautz Ironstone Winery in Murphys, Calif., and various daffodil locations and vistas, such as the one at Daffodil Hill in Volcano (southeast of Sacramento). As the site explains, NCDS is “a ‘user friendly’ flower society … established by a group of people who wanted to first and foremost enjoy growing daffodils and secondly to have fun.”