Stuff and Things

Tiny Pineapple is the strange and entertaining Web site of a self-described “ne’er-do-well, sluggard and wastrel,” a man from Utah with the unlikely adopted Icelandic name of Grettir Asmundarson, a man who clearly likes to write. The Web site of Maria Samuelson Stuff and Things is a site within Tiny Pineapple. Samuelson is Asmundarson’s sister-in-law from Indiana who sells things that she sews (and the occasional dress that she picked up at a thrift shop), most notably an assortment of peculiar, colorful, stuffed fleece-and-felt creatures called Blobbies. Lady Skewampus 1 is a gray, misshapen, bucktoothed, hippo-like animal perched on a dark green set of legs resembling a cow’s udder. Lord Skewampus 1 looks a lot like Lady S., except that he is red: “He’s a bit dim, but very loveable. He’s been known to lose his keys behind his ear and try to start his car with his glasses. He may accidentally insult you, but he doesn’t really mean it. He’s a gentleman. Just a dense one.”