Angel Scribe

Want to be touched by an angel? How about witnessing the miracle of the “tea-stained angel”? Surf out to this ethereal site and let angel scribes Mary Ellen and Atira’s tales of earthly encounters with angels soften your heart hardened by worldly travails. You can contribute your own angel narrative as well, and there’s even an online newsletter you can sign up for if a frequent installation of angel stories in your inbox might be in order for you. There’s also a Caribbean angel cruise during which you can “enjoy seven glorious days at sea with friends from around the globe. Share your stories, experiences, and your angelic dreams. Meet our angel team and attend some of the most fascinating Angel Workshops ever.” And if that were not enough, the site also features renowned pet psychic Agnes Thomas, Ph.D., who can communicate with pets who have “crossed over” to the other side. Particularly touching—and fun—are the angel story postings from children, who, as we all know, have the inside track.