This site is filled with just about everything you might want to know about the artist extraordinaire known as Dame Darcy, the creator of Meat Cake comic book, who is also a notable actress, musician and interior designer. Perhaps the most interesting page is the one explicating Darcy’s E. Z. Bake Coven, a coalition of women artists who believe that “True power does not lie in the petty vulgarity of men. … Rejoice in your femininity. … Just think of Helen of Troy.” The site includes a photo gallery with interesting shots of Dame Darcy, and you won’t want to miss the portfolio of her dark and fantastical drawings, some of which have appeared on the covers of notable weeklies such as The Stranger and Seattle Weekly. Also, check out the other (numerous) pages and the links to many other fun sites. You can even register for an online newsletter and keep tabs on upcoming shows.