My happy one-year column

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What’s that you say, you want a gig? Well, here’s what you do. Contact Kevin Woodside of the Boys and Girls Club at 879-5653, for it seems they are throwing a big shindig for the kids and need some talent. Get off your duff and give him a call.

Seems like everybody is looking for a place to play lately. The DIRG has met with lewd circumstance, thus metal and punk bands are currently without a home. Local promoters managed to raise the roof at the Epicenter, but other than that venues are slim to none. Looks like PF126 took a nosedive. Maybe somebody can pay Syb Blythe to open Juanita’s again. Stranger things have happened.

But Syb is busy managing and putting her heart in to the fine facility known as the Women’s Club. With a classic Chico-by-the-creek back yard, a kitchen and a wooden dance floor, The Women’s Club is still one of the best places to have a celebration. Of course, due to the proximity of residences, this might not be the best place to host Solstice of Suffering and the pain brigade. Really, and I only say this twice because I mean it: Pool resources and make a bid on the old Juanita’s. May not help; couldn’t hurt.

Making an appearance that caught me unaware, Travis Wuerthner‘s (Micro Magnesia, Americas) dad contacted me recently looking for a practice space for his band. Unable to oblige, we once again find ourselves at another dilemma looking to be solved. Where is the perfect 20-40 studio space for bands to fine-tune their wares? Anyone looking to start a co-operative band center, give me a jingle and we’ll see what we see, said the blind man to the tree.

File this under “I’m ignorant,” but Peter Berkow is renewing his musician’s license and performing some shows around town. Apparently, as Peter tells me every time he corners me in a public place, "you remind me of myself. I put out a bunch of albums, had major airplay in NorCal and promoted a lot of shows." Every time I hear him say that, I flash back to the elevator operator who said, "Hey, I have a degree in psychology, too!" Peter has a great sense of humor, and you should really check this guy out. And if nothing else, look at the picture on his poster of the Berk in the ‘70s, reinforcing the adage, "the hippies didn’t give up, they got jobs."