Only you know and I know

It’s hot, but I can’t stop, gotta let loose with one more prop. Big ups to KJ, catch me at
Sometimes you find the best music in Chico in the most unlikely places. An exception was the Chamber of Commerce’s musical choice for the Industrial Barbecue held at the airport. Picture 1000 people sitting at picnic tables in a 100-degree heat on the tarmac, surrounded by planes, and you can imagine the scene. Fueled by the cool running of Tolar Sounds, the music started up as the sun went down. While I didn’t catch the name of the band, I can tell you they were from Santa Cruz and had all the flash but none of the combustion. I’m adamant (not to be confused with Adam Ant) that local bands should be used exclusively at these city functions. Spark ‘N Cinder would have been a perfect choice.

I also found out that Councilmember Rick Keene’s son is in a punk rock band (look for him at concerts in the park in Sept.), and Supervisor Jane Dolan informed me that in Sacramento people are dressing up for viewings of The Sound of Music à la Rocky Horror style. And yes, some people do come dressed as Nazis (at least I hope they’re just dressed up). Note: Then-A.S. President Bob Linscheid organized the largest concert ever in downtown Chico (14,000 people!). The band? Fleetwood Mac. C’mon Bob, help us bring back the good old days!

Why June is wedding month I can only guess, but music and marriage mixed in two eventful unions this past week. First up on the altar block were Mr. and Mrs. Gary Dutra. Gary is the front man with the cool Clapton feel for Electric Circus. So it was no surprise when, after a great set by the Chris Schadt Band, Circus took the stage for some Delaney and Bonnie post-nuptial jams. Word is that Electric Circus will be rocking the late stage at the two-day String Cheese Incident coming up in July in at Mt. Shasta Ski Park. And while the ceremony of John and Christine LaPado kept to an intimate few, the reception started off with an all-star band and all-star food (Guzzetti catering). John Biddle, Jimmy Fay, Kim Gimbal, Ska-T, Steve Cook and many others took the stage. A versatile performer and proud papa, LaPado has played everywhere from the Taj Mahal to peddle steel in Tim Bluhm’s solo band. My best to all the newlyweds of Chico.