It’s the pelvic thrust that drives you insane

Timmy McV. is gone, he got the cyanide drops, and I’m still here giving you props. Try me at
Sid Lewis, finger pickin’ fool and dean of the Sid Lewis School of Music, had this to say about the recent annual Spring Fling that was held at the Riparia area as a fund-raiser for the Peace and Justice Center. “Most everyone had tempeh-stained teeth. And of course Electric Circus and Jeff Pershing were great, but who really impressed me was Soul Maze. But when my cell phone dropped in my hot tub I knew it was time to go.” With the sardonic wit of an acidic rabbi, Sid has always been a voice in the local musical pool, and his words have import. So, keep an eye out for Soul Maze—they play funk with authority.

Speaking of sarcastic institutions, while everybody is running their mouths about PG&E, it’s Pac Bell that has really caught my ire lately. In the good old days, the ‘90s, 4-1-1 was a reasonable enterprise. You would get some info for free, and the help was generally pleasant. Nowadays, 4-1-1 costs 75 cents, and if the operator cannot find the listing, rather than being asked for a new spelling, you’re patched though to a robot that tells you that you’re S.O.L. It costs another 75 cents to try again! Getting a phone number is becoming more costly than winning stuffed animals on the midway during the Silver Dollar Fair.

Corporate influences were not available at shindig celebrating the 15th wedding anniversary of Homer and Loretta Metcalf. City Council members, lawyers and other malcontents wandered through the Metcalfs’ exquisite Cohasset acreage listening to the strains of the live group coming through the woods. The Rhythm Dragons were a large sprawling musical force that played every type of music on every type of instrument imaginable. It was as if Roy Clark cloned himself 12 times and started a band. Be sure to catch these cool cats sometime soon.

Be on the lookout for Cult Classics 101, a community class taught by Christine Rose M.A. at the Senator Theater. For the summer expect to see four cult classic movies every weekend, with a special showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show every Friday night at midnight (all the donations benefit the fund-raising of the Right Now Foundation). This past weekend a couple of foreign exchange students came to the show, totally unsuspecting of what was to happen. After being brought to the front of the theater with the other "virgins" (people who had never seen RHPS) and taught the dance moves to the Time Warp, they were spanked and kissed by other members of the audience. Only in America, folks.