The car stopped with a jerk and I got out

Early in the morning, while I’m feeding pigs slop, I still got time to give you all props! And what do you do? Tell me
The Church of Religious Science has moved its digs to the California Park Pavilion, allowing for the word of the Lord to be heard there among the tiered terrain and man-made lake. I was fortunate enough to hear the sponsored lecture of cellular biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton at the church this weekend and was inspired to see a man of his credentials breaking on through the Western mind into the land of the mystic. There was an absolutely amazing video of a fetus responding to external sounds and convulsing when an argument broke out. Reminds me of a study I read about preemie babies in Canada. Seems the Canadians found that the music of Ozzy Osbourne helps babies in incubators grow at an accelerated pace. Do your own scientific research at Ozz Fest at the Sac Valley Amphitheater, but remember that body size does not equate to brain size.

It’s not all that unusual for men of science to end up seeing visions. Swedenborg, Teller and even good old Einstein left much of the Newtonian view that dominates our culture behind when the veil was finally dropped. Steve Martin‘s (yes, the comedian) play, Picasso at the Lapin Agile, is still running at The Blue Room, and you have this weekend only to catch a hilarious look at a “what if” scenario in which Einstein and Pablo Picasso cross paths in a Parisian bar. Be on the lookout for someone even bigger than Ozzie making a guest appearance.

Somewhere between science and magic lies the land of music, and though you missed some outstanding shows this week (Gasoline, Bob Log, Hissyfits), you can catch, from the land of the wee folk, Danu, a traditional Irish band, at the ARC Tower Pavilion this Saturday, June 9. They’ll get your pulse racing as the stars come out.

In closing, I must urge you to turn on your radio to 90.1 on the dial. KZFR is one of the best-kept secrets in town and no matter what your musical tastes they have something to offer. I mean god bless Tim Bucmore and all the community support that stations like KFM and Zrock offer, but for diversity of sounds, from Latino to Celtic to reggae, you gotta check out the Zephyr. For instance, tune in to DJ Rubberband Thursday at 3 p.m. for a full hip-hop experience. It’s off the hiz-eye!