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My bejeezus, did it get hot quick! After 13 years I’m still surprised each summer when the mercury rises. I’m not complaining, though (not yet anyway), because summer means that it’s time to find ways to cool off. Shubert’s root beer and vanilla ice cream floats, Jon and Bon’s 2-for-1 yogurt coupons, Monday nights at the Pageant Theater, swimming at the covered bridge, free AC at Barnes & Noble. God, this is starting to read like a singles column.

There are so many people in town I consider celebrities who don’t get the play that many of their contemporaries get. If I were Andy Warhol and Chico were my Factory, I would call these people Superstars. And one of the coolest would have to be Billy Baxmeyer, aka Dik Slax, the ubiquitous musical prodigy whose talents we’ve all been enjoying for decades. Word has come to me that Billy’s son, Adrian, has been involved in a tragic motorcycle accident. As of this writing, Adrian is undergoing extensive medical treatment and there is work on a benefit concert to help the Baxmeyer family with medical bills. Please send all prayers to Adrian, and if you would like to help with a financial donation you can call Paige and Kim Gimbal (more Superstars) at 893-3421.

Rumor has it that Blaze and J’s will be moving to a downtown location soon. Sister store Wild Orchid moved to West First a while ago and brought life to a building that also houses Celestino’s and New Creation Tattoos. It’s great to see friends doing well and bringing a cool vibe and atmosphere to the downtown area. Blaze and J’s new store will feature an expanded DJ section, complete with vinyl and turntables. Call me a Rave Nerd, but house, trance, techno, trip-hop or what have you all sound the same to me. For my personal tastes, I would rather listen to DJ Ron Dare spin his eclectic mix of ‘60s and ‘70s mixed in with the occasional drum and bass. Showing my age once again!

Well music fans, I’ve decided to go for the sizzle instead of the fizzle and push the Wednesday concerts’ starting date up to July 4. All I can say is that through October you will be treated to an amazing line-up of bands. The reasons for the late start are many, but after nine years, I want this to be totally amazing, so hang in there!