Ant Farm

If you’re a band serious about getting gigs outside of Chico, contact me at
Looks like The Mother Hips will do their first European tour this fall, which means that Hipheads are hoarding their money away for a chance to hear “Figure Eleven” in Germany. Remember so much of this nonsense we call rock ‘n’ roll started with the British Invasion; well, 40 years later it’s our turn! Imagine seeing our boys taking London by storm. Four Beatles, Four Hips—if that isn’t more than a coincidence, then my name isn’t Gascoyne. And if regional rockers Grandaddy can be huge in Europe, the Hips should be gearing up for a coronation. Yes I predict the Hips on Conan before next spring!

Going cross-country on a jaunt to NYC is our own Ant Farm. Throwing the instruments in the trunk and venturing to the Big Apple, playing the best “living rooms” in all of NYC—good things are happening for these fine folks. With Ant Farm, one can only think about the “art” bands of the ‘70s": Blondie, Talking Heads, etc. Bands that were constantly pushing the limits of what the word “band” meant and stretching it out like an image on Silly Putty. While Ant Farm has minor concerns with being confused with SoCal’s Alien Ant Farm, there’s no confusion in their sounds. Our Ant Farm has managed to blend an eclectic instrumentation that comes forth in an odd circus/haunted-house/ice skating type of sound. Soundtracks for the new tribal weird.

For those of you discouraged by the adventures of some of your musical peers, you still have a chance to sign up for a cool festival in S.F. called Nadine’s Wild Weekend. As you remember, Nadine was up here a few months ago for NXN having a great time and running around checking out the talent.

NWW is Aug.16-19 at 20 clubs, including the Fillmore. Music submissions from bands residing from Santa Cruz to Chico are being accepted through July 4. To be considered for a spot on the Weekend, all bands must apply online at Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from this year’s event will go to the SIBL Project’s ( Musicians Joining the Fight for Literacy, which funds 26 adult-literacy programs in the Bay Area through songs inspired by literature.