Board game

SET Enterprises Inc.

As board and card games become increasingly popular—a natural byproduct of the geek revolution—their rules, game mechanics and components become increasingly complex for developing audiences. While this has led to some amazing games for experienced players, you may be hesitant to suggest Zombicide or Settlers of Catan for family game night. Karma, on the other hand, offers a common ground with simple mechanics, strategy and dumb luck. Players race to get rid of numbered cards, laying down those higher than the face-up card in the discard pile, and the last person holding anything is the loser. Special cards—such as those that require the next player to lay a 5 or below or require another player to pick up the entire discard pile—can slow your opponents but, as the name implies, that might come back to bite you in the rear. Even after you’ve laid down all your cards, the “Give the Pile to a Friend” card can bring you back into the game. Created by the designers of Set, Five Crowns and Quiddler, Karma continues SET Enterprises’ tradition of family-friendly games that are easy to learn and are also just as appropriate—and fun—at a booze-fueled party as they are at a child’s birthday.