So while this won’t help you actually obtain that dream you have always secretly maintained of someday being a DJ, it will help you kill some time during your office day job pretending to follow that dream. French graphic design firm So Far So Good has updated its time-stealing application, Incredibox (originally released in 2009). Incredibox is a virtual music-production center using animated “beatboxers,” pictographic sound icons, and the talents of the band, Incredible Polo, to give users the power to create their own musical tracks. Sounds are segregated into five groups: effects, beats, melodies, chorus and voices. Each grouping contains two to five variants, each assigned a specific hieroglyph and color. A window above the sound icons houses a black and white line drawing of a lone shirtless, shaggy-haired hipster looking aloof as he waits for his track. Clicking and dragging one of the colored hieroglyphs onto his pasty belly prompts him to get dressed and begin making one of the categories of sound with his mouth, while another blank performer-in-waiting slides in next to him. Users can click and drag sounds for up to seven hipsters per track. The end result is a sort of lightweight electronic hip-hop track perfectly suitable for your cubicle.