Shit My Husband Did

Local comedian Liz Merry—the female half of longtime wife-husband comedy duo Merry Standish—is diversifying once again. In addition to the pair’s funny new online “fake” newspaper, The Merry Standish Standard (, Merry has started up an even newer (and perhaps funnier) online entity called Merry’s site offers categories such as “At the Supermarket,” “In the Garage,” “In the Bedroom,” “Personal Hygiene” and “Birthdays and Gifts.” Readers submit stories of varying lengths about their husbands’ crazy antics, sometimes anonymously. “I was headed for the bathroom when the phone rang,” wrote Anonymous in the section titled “On the Phone.” “I assumed he could handle a simple phone call. Wrong. He answered the phone, and when asked if I was home, he responded, ‘yeah, she’s taking a s**t right now.’ Seriously!!! He thought it was my dad, but guess what, it wasn’t. I never found out who had called.” Merry also provides a section in which husbands can confess the mind-boggling shit they’ve done. Check out the photo in the “Clothes” section (“Are you going out like that?”). Also, the one in the “Taking Care of the Kids” section. Lucky for us, Merry has a good eye for the absurd.