It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold This Sac

If you are a hip-hop head, this is your new favorite Web site. It Takes a Nation … is the Mars Blackmon of blogs, complete with classic Air Jordan’s signature color design and a complementary “whattup?” from Radio Raheem. Live performances, demo tapes, new-new shit, mixtapes and all the old-school joints, jams and gems. The site is broken down into eight sections, including music, videos, sports, sneakers and the not-very-aptly titled skeezers (maybe honeys? or hotties? instead). It’s all hip-hop, old and new—and the absence of annoying banners jockeying for your attention is refreshing. There are also huge lists of the best 12-inch records of all time, as well as special “Rap Treats,” with links to downloads. Here’s just a taste of what I’ve found during my first few visits to the site: “Run DMC: Live at the Apollo (1987),” “Cold Chillin’ UK Tour (1988),” “Beastie Boys: Licensed to Ill” (the original mix pre-edits and omissions), and the bittersweet final live performance of A Tribe Called Quest (prior to the group’s 1997 break-up).