McCovey Chronicles

“The San Francisco Giants have won the World Series. It feels like I’m mainlining opium and Christmas presents when I type that. The San Francisco Giants have won the World Series. Ohhhhahhhaoooohh. That feels so danged good.” I love the way Grant Brisbee turns a phrase, and on his San Francisco Giants blog, McCovey Chronicles, he and a clubhouse of online commenters provide a smart and funny running dialogue of well-turned phrases on all things pertaining to the Giants. On the prospects of 33-year-old second baseman Freddie Sanchez for the upcoming season: “His knees are filled with yogurt, and his shoulders are filled with granola. If medical science could just figure out a way to put his knees in his shoulders, it would be delicious.” But it’s not just comic relief. These are baseball people. More to the point, they are very smart and committed Giants people, and for a newbie fan like me, their distilled commentary on every single game, player, prospect and nuance related to the team provides a stimulating crash course in being a Giants fan (and is a welcome antidote to the hot air coming out of the insufferable douche-balloons at ESPN). I might not get half the jokes and references, but even as a lurker I kinda feel like one of the cool kids. Add the conversation at McCovey Chronicles to your bookmarks now. Opening day is just a week away.