Hypnotist sisters

Sally and Linda Pearson

Photo By Kenna Cook

When picturing hypnosis, focusing eyes on a shiny swinging object and feeling very sleepy might pop into mind. These stereotypical images are opposite of what you will find at the self-hypnosis workshop taught by sisters Sally and Linda Pearson at Café Culture on Monday and Wednesday (July 13 and 15) at 7 p.m. The two vivacious women have been practicing hypnotherapy for three years, currently working five days a week at the Life Design offices off of The Esplanade. The sisters, 3 1¼2 years apart, became very close in their early 30s, and the tight bond led them from careers in business and photography to healing the subconscious together. Sally, an alumna of Chico State’s master’s program in psychology, even invited Linda to live with her for the past two months until her sister gets settled in Chico. To reach them, call 520-4763. Café Culture (www.chicocafeculture.com) is at 931 W. Fifth St. in Chico.

How did you get into hypnotherapy?

Sally: I just found that working with the subconscious is really, really fascinating. I did some research on hypnotherapy and learned that it has had some very positive results with addressing all sorts of issues. I did weekend workshops with the Hypnotherapy Training Institute in Corte Madera.

Linda: I went to a school in Santa Fe [New Mexico] called the Hypnotherapy Academy of America. Big name [laughs]. They provide the most hours of training, and when I was researching schools, they seemed to be the most scientifically based. They are very connected with the hospital in Albuquerque, where their goal is to have a hypnotherapist on every floor for accelerated healing and pain control.

What about hypnotherapy appeals to you?

Sally: It’s very focused and a very intentional way of working with people, and I really enjoy addressing the subconscious more directly. With certain forms of psychotherapy, they tend to be more cognitive, where you’re working on a more conscious level. With hypnotherapy, it creates that bridge to work with the subconscious on a deeper level.

Linda: One of the things that really made me want to study hypnotherapy was because we all have this natural ability to use our subconscious mind in a focused way to affect all aspects of our lives, and we can really accelerate our healing. I, for years, would wake up in the middle of the night with a sore throat, and I could feel a cold was coming on. Because of some other classes I had had in energy work, I knew I could picture my throat in my mind and surround it with a very focused energy to heal it, and in the morning I’d be fine.

What kinds of people do you see?

Sally: Anxiety, stress-related illnesses, fear of public speaking, some weight loss, some obsessive-compulsive disorders—which fall under the anxiety—resolving past trauma, self-esteem issues.

What will people learn from your workshop?

Sally: Basically, participants will learn the fundamentals of hypnosis and how the mind works. They will learn to bring themselves into and out of hypnosis, and how to program their minds with effective suggestions. We will conduct group hypnosis sessions each night.