How did you do?

The dreaded midterms are over, but studying for the test was only half the ordeal. The grades are the other half. Are you satisfied with your grades? Here’s a translation of what they really mean and tips on how to deal with the results.


Aced the test. Unless you’re a good guesser or the midterm was a personal opinion essay, keep doing what you’re doing. You’re set for the rest of the semester.

Better luck next time. You almost had it. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Not everyone can be top of the class.

Could have been worse. Was it the material, the way you studied or the multiple choice, true or false, 200-word essay that threw you off? Talk to the professor and reorganize for the second half.

Don’t miss class. It’s time to reconsider your commitment to the $15,000 education you—or your momma—paid for. Those who go to class do better than those who don’t, so no excuses. Go to class.

Forget you failed. Change your study habits and improve for finals. After all, midterms are only the halfway-point evaluation.

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Most eating disorders begin at ages 14 and 18, when young women enter high school or college.