Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger just made it a little less desirable to drive under the influence. Or to create fake I.D.’s for your friends. He signed five bills into law earlier this month (Oct. 14) that impose stricter penalties on DUIs and underage drinking. So, when you go out to that Halloween party this weekend, keep these new laws in mind.

• The punishment for providing alcohol to a minor is no longer just community service—now it’s now six months to a year in jail.

• The fine for selling booze to minors is jacked up from $100 to $250.

• Manufacturing fake I.D.’s will carry a fine of $1,000 instead of the current $500.

• Those getting or renewing their licenses will be required to sign a document declaring they are aware that if a person is killed as a result of their driving under the influence, they can be charged with murder. Effective July 2008.

• If you are on probation for a previous DUI, it will be illegal to drive with even a single drink in your system (if you get pulled over and test .01 or higher, you’re busted). Effective January 2009.

Brain Freeze

Over Halloween weekend last year, police made 37 arrests in Chico. Twelve were DUIs.