Cheap dates

College and romances seem to go hand in hand. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for college and money. So, here are a few romantic ideas that won’t break the bank:

Go for a picnic. Campus is nice, but Bidwell Park is just a bike ride away. Tip: Instead of peanut butter and jelly, try grilled chicken, or spice things up with a taco salad.

See stars. The Kiwanis Chico Community Observatory is the place to go. In Upper Bidwell, the observatory is open weekends from 6-9 p.m. on clear nights. Romantic and, better yet, free!

Check the calendar. There are free events almost every weekend in Chico. Artoberfest means lots of creative, fun exhibits, plays and music—most of it free or for a small fee.

Wine and dine. A bottle of two-buck Chuck from Trader Joe’s and a meal made with love. What girl—or guy—wouldn’t swoon at the prospect? Punch it up by adding a theme to your menu.

Brain Freeze

National studies show that fraternities and sororities generally attract heavy drinkers and promote heavy drinking.