Who’s the best?

Here are a few snippets from the Princeton Review’s Best Of issue for 2008. Chico State didn’t rank, but that’s OK, it’s the best in Chico’s book.

1. Whitman
2. Brown
3. Clemson
4. Princeton
5. Stanford

<p. <b>Reefer madness
1. Warren Wilson
2. Bard
3. U. of Vermont
4. UC Santa Cruz
5. Lewis & Clark

Prettiest campus
1. Sweet Briar
2. Princeton
3. Pepperdine
4. Wellesley
5. Mt. Holyoke

Party school
1. W. Virginia U.
2. U. of Mississippi
3. UT Austin
4. U. of Florida
5. U. of Georgia

Brain freeze
Hazing, especially involving alcohol, is more common in high school varsity sports than fraternities and sororities.