Healthy planet, healthy you

Some double-duty tips

It should come as no surprise that helping the environment can, in turn, help humans’ health. So, even if you don’t care enough about the planet to change your habits, think about your own body. Here are some tips from that can help you do double-duty:

Update your dress code. Think natural fabrics like hemp, organic cotton, wool, or silk, as these often use the least amount of harsh chemicals. Perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) used to help keep some clothes wrinkle-free can be toxic to the environment and have also been linked with cancer, according to the World Wildlife Fund.

Green your cleaning regimen. Surprise—the harsh chemicals you use to clean your floors and bathroom could have negative health affects like causing skin rashes or asthma flare-ups. Here’s a tip: White vinegar or natural castile soap can be mixed with salt and baking soda to cut through mold or soap scum, and natural products like washing soda and borax can be used to clean floors and remove grease stains.

Meat less. You don’t have to cut out the entire food group from your diet, but studies have shown that vegetarians have lower incdents of obesity, high cholesterol and heart disease. Plus, eating less meat has a positive affect on the environment.