Have a green Halloween

Make your own costume

Whether you want to dress up as a witch, Batman or Lady Gaga this year, it’s time to start thinking about that costume. With half a dozen seasonal Halloween shops popping up around town, it might seem like a good idea to go buy a ready-made pirate outfit or princess ensemble. Think again. This is an outfit you’ll likely wear only once, so why fork out a bunch of cash for a cheaply made costume that likely will end up in the landfill when, with a little extra effort, you can make one yourself or assemble one from thrift-store wares? The environment will thank you. Here are a few suggestions for an eco-friendly Halloween:

• Do it yourself. Reuse or repurpose old clothing or pick up a pattern and create your own duds. For those with kids, make a weekend craft project out of it. Check out www.costumeideazone.com for fun ideas.

• Go thrifting. Local thrift stores are full of inspiring ideas. Some places, like Thrift Queen on Nord Avenue, bring out the Halloween duds specifically for costume shoppers.

• Check out Craigslist. There are a ton of previously worn costumes for sale.

• Rent. Go to Alter Ego or Masquerade Theatrical Costumes for a high-quality ensemble that you can return after Halloween.