Funny, fresh romantic comedy

An unlikely pair hook up to fool immigration

THREESOME <br> Betty White plays the 90-year-old grandma at the center of Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds’ screwball relationship.

Betty White plays the 90-year-old grandma at the center of Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds’ screwball relationship.

The Proposal
Starring Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, Mary Steenburgen and Betty White. Directed by Anne Fletcher. Feather River Cinemas, Paradise Cinema 7 and Tinseltown. Rated PG-13.
Rated 4.0

There wasn’t a whole lot I didn’t enjoy about The Proposal. The concept is new, the co-stars believable and it’s both funny and a love story (even if it is a warped one).

Sandra Bullock plays uptight book editor Margaret, and everyone in her office is scared of her, to the extent that they circulate instant messages alerting each other to her comings and goings. Her problem? She’s so wrapped up in her job that she’s overlooked her immigration paperwork—and she’s about to be deported to Canada.

Ryan Reynolds, always a charmer, is Andrew, Margaret’s assistant—and a darn good one—who hopes to be promoted to editor after three years of being Margaret’s lapdog. The problem? Margaret “proposes” to him to keep from being deported. Out of love for his job, not for her, he begrudgingly agrees.

The fun begins on a plane ride to Alaska, where Andrew’s grandmother is celebrating her 90th birthday. To make the engagement look legit, he takes Margaret and her 8-inch heels with him to meet the family.

Mom (Mary Steenburgen) is sweet, and dad (Craig T. Nelson) is a bit cranky and unsupportive. Grandma (the ever-spunky Betty White), however, is the glue that holds the family together. She’s got a raw sense of humor and a smile that’s nothing short of contagious.

The other notable character is Ramone (Oscar Nuñez from The Office), who wears many hats around the small town of Sitka. Every scene he’s in is simply hilarious.

It’s in Sitka that Andrew and Margaret truly get to know each other as people, not just boss and underling. And Margaret gets to know Andrew’s family quite well, as they seem to be constantly dragging her from one place to another, under the illusion she’ll be their future daughter-in-law.

Bullock is no novice playing a fish-outta-water (Miss Congeniality), and she’s right back at it here, this time playing an uptight New York businesswoman in the down-home atmosphere of Alaska. She plays well alongside Reynolds, a hottie with natural comic timing, despite their 12-year age difference.

Director Anne Fletcher (27 Dresses) does a nice job of blending the personalities and story with a sense of place, as Sitka is uniquely beautiful, from the landscape to the Native American art.

You can probably guess how the story pans out, but there are some surprises along the way and enough laughs to keep the momentum constant throughout.