Fox News regulars campaign for Republicans

30+ hosts and contributors hit the hustings on behalf of GOP candidates

Are you a Fox News fan convinced it’s “fair and balanced”? Well, consider this: According to the watchdog group Media Matters, more than 30 Fox News hosts and contributors campaigned for Republican candidates in more than 300 instances during the 2011-12 election cycle. According to Media Matters, “These Fox News campaigners have officially endorsed candidates; advised campaigns; played key roles in fundraisers and events; recorded advertisements and robocalls; and helped direct expenditures to support Republicans and oppose Democrats through Republican-aligned groups.” They also frequently appeared on Fox News offering analysis of the very races in which they were campaigning.

Amount that Karl Rove’s super PACs planned to spend on Republican candidates: $300 million

Fundraisers featuring Fox News employees as of Nov. 1: 105

States in which Fox News employees campaigned for Republican candidates: 40

Fox News employees and contributors who have campaigned for Republicans: 32

Fox News employees featured in an event for Mitt Romney: 9

Fox News employees who advised Romney’s campaign: 5

Source: Media Matters: