Food for runners

Nutritional tips for before and after strenuous exercise

We all know an athlete’s food intake is important, especially directly before and after strenuous exercise. But what kinds of food are most effective for runners, cyclists, swimmers and other endurance athletes looking to make gains? Here are some foods you don’t have to pick up at a nutrition shop that will fuel your workout and help you recover afterward.


• Nuts and seeds: a great source of complex carbs (for a more sustained energy source) and heart-healthy fats.

• Banana and peanut butter: Bananas are high in fiber, which helps keep you feeling full during a long workout, and potas- sium, which helps keep your blood pressure in check; niacin from the peanut butter helps your body harvest energy from carbs.


• Veggies and hummus: They boost your glucose and protein levels simultaneously, allowing your body to recover as quickly as possible.

• Chocolate milk: Perhaps surprisingly, some nutritionists are pretty high on the stuff. It has the ideal 4-to-1 carb-to- protein ratio, plus it tastes great.

• Greek-yogurt smoothie: Again, tasty and high in protein. Simply add your favorite fruit and blend.

• Apple slices and almond butter: Almonds are high in heart- healthy monounsaturated fats, protein, vitamin E and magnesium.

Source: TIME Magazine