Easing fall allergies

Five ways to keep fall sneezes at bay

Anyone who knows the misery allergies cause knows it’s worth taking steps to avoid them. Here are a few tips to curb the fall varieties:

Avoid ragweed. It releases pollen this time of year. The highest counts are in the early morning, so stay indoors at that time.

Change your filter. Replace your home’s central heating/air-conditioning filter—preferably a HEPA filter—to keep the indoor air clean.

Change clothes after spending time outdoors—and use the dryer rather than a clothesline after washing laundry.

Shower. Rinse yourself before you hit the sack—removing pollen from hair and face.

Fall cleaning. Go over floors thoroughly with a wet mop or HEPA-filter-containing vacuum. And wipe down other surfaces with a cloth with white vinegar or another green cleaning agent.

Source: WebMD.com