Down with W. Nile

Help out by identifying dead animals

It’s finally hot outside, and you know what that means: mosquitoes! Beyond protecting yourself by wearing bug spray, eliminating standing water in fountains or unused pools, and covering up from dusk till dawn, you can also help identify West Nile virus. Here’s how to become a “West Nile watcher” and help the state Department of Public Health identify problem areas:

Take notice of dead birds or squirrels (which could possibly be infected with the virus, which could be transmitted to a feeding mosquito). If you find one, note the date, location (city, ZIP code, address or intersection), description of the animal (color, size and type), and condition (run over, intact, etc.).

If you do notice dead animals and note the above information, call the West Nile Virus and Dead Bird Hotline at (877) 968-BIRD or log onto

Log onto for more on West Nile virus.