Days of Lore

LAUGHTER IS DEFINITELY THE BEST MEDICINE I’m a nice guy. Ask anybody who knows me. But sometimes I see things that are so ridiculous, I have to look for that invisible key to that invisible lock on my mouth and let it fly.

Take Chico Indie Fest, not to be confused with Chico Independence Fest (more on that later). I’ve had issues with it from the beginning—especially the whole “hold-on-to-your-backwards-cap-yo-Indie-Fest-is-coming” promotion scheme they launched when it would be another month or so before the bands were even announced. I tried to give the Chico Indie Festers (like that!) the benefit of the doubt when they said they were trying to connect with the local music scene. But alas, ’twas all for not, as only one local band would be included on the bill. But hey, this “Indie Fest” includes Warner Bros. recording artists Maxeen and Interscope Records’ Narwhal.

The event will also feature two workshops: “Backstage Pass to the Music Industry: Marketing Music in the Digital Age” (you know, in case you haven’t heard of MySpace or Purevolume yet) and “Bands/Artists as a Business” with “music industry professionals” espousing their vast knowledge on hot topics like “artist promotion” and “artist management.”

The kicker was when I read in some wishy-washy article (“Hey, it’s cool! But it’s kinda lame, too. But it’s cool!?”) that said some of the bands are getting free hotel rooms. Indie, indeed.

It would have behooved them to pick the brains of some of the people in town who know how to set up a rock show. There are countless valuable resources: Katie Perry of Devil Kat Rock Productions and Justin Maximov of JMAX Productions, just to name a couple.

But kudos to the students involved who were able to put together a one-day festival even after losing that big Taco Bell sponsor (or whatever the hell it was).

And now I’ll do my job as a journalist and let you know that the show is this Saturday, April 29, at the Children’s Park from noon (or 1 p.m., depending on which listing you look at) to 6 p.m.—before the 7 p.m. nightcap (or 8 p.m., depending on which listing you look at) at the Senator Theatre. The workshops start at 11 a.m. The day show is free, and the Senator show costs $7 to $9, which can get you a lot of lotions and knick-knacks and what-have-yous at Target.

So, if college-friendly rock is your cup of tea, you’ll be swimmin’ in it on Saturday. Hey, I’ll be there … until people start stoning me.

HAND IN THE TIP JAR In the few times I’ve talked to him, I’ve grown quite fond of Sid Locksley, the outspoken political frontman for The Con-tra-band. His political viewpoints are extreme to say the least, and I’m certain he rubs some people the wrong way as opposed to the “right” way, but he is genuine, friendly human being.

During his Easter Sunday benefit show at the Town Lounge, someone decided it would be cool to snag some cash out of Locksley’s tip jar—money that was going toward his returning-to-England fund. Locksley said it was the tamest show he’s done—no politics, just music and some jokes. He also said there were loads of people and that someone had to have seen something.

Of course, me being not smart, I asked Locksley if he had notified the police, to which he replied something to the effect of, “@*&!$ the police. They’re the *&#%! enemy and I’d *#&@! my $#@*! before I bloody called them!”

I love that guy.

Locksley spent the past few days in Yosemite to relax and cool down. Anyone with information on the missing money knows how to get ahold of him.

BYE, AUBREY Her days are numbered. Well, she’s already been killed in the Chico Assassins game. But Aubrey “don’t-call-me-Pope” Debauchery is actually leaving for a while as she embarks on a two-month tour with Drew Danburry. So wish her well, before she’s outta here. (See below.)

INDEPENDENCE DAY This Friday, April 28, at the 1078 Gallery is Chico Independence Fest featuring a sweet slab o’ rock in the form of: The Makai, Aubrey Debauchery, deerpen, Birds of Fire, Botox, Stationary Legs, Lysistrata, West By Swan, Sleepyhead, Nate Pendery (of The Deer), LaPado & Newman Duo, Regi vs The Guitar, The Party, Gruk, and Stormin Norman. It’s also a benefit for the 1078 Gallery; you should go. Show starts at 7 p.m. and will cost you three bones. For all that music. Three bucks.