Days of Lore



THE MAIN VEIN One of my most vivid memories of 319 Main St. is smoking a joint with Mudhoney singer/guitarist Mark Arm in the bathroom after the show. Them were the days. That was when the club was actually called Club 319 and consistently hosted kick-ass live shows. In 2000, it morphed into Mr. Lucky, which also hosted some kick-ass live shows, though it veered a bit from being a reliable music venue in recent years. Now comes Lost on Main, named after a painting by the late, great Danny West, and it looks as though we’re going to have ourselves another legitimate music venue in town.

One of the new owners, Neil Andrus, told me that despite having to cancel a handful of upcoming shows the club will officially open in a couple of weeks, after the liquor license officially changes hands. Andrus, along with Kyle Ullrich (of Riff Raff rock club fame) and Tyler Eckes, will run the new operation, and Tommy Sprague of Tomahawk Booking will be in charge of setting up the shows. Check them out on the indispensable place where everybody knows your fake name:

AND … GO! Well, after a good month of yapping about it, we’re actually doing it. The public ballot for The Cammies launches today (Thurs., March 30), where y’all can vote for your favorite band in each of our 12 categories. Simply go to, log in and click away. Vote once, and only once, or the Cammies gods will bend you over and flog you with a wet noodle.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! The most important part of this whole thing is the live music coming up in the month of April. Check out our insert this week, which includes artist bios for our upcoming Cammies shows set to kick off Mon., April 3, with the Jazz Showcase at, you guessed it, 33 Steaks, Booze & Jazz. See the complete schedule on the MySpace page: And, for your pleasure, we’ve also lovingly set up a database with bios and Mp3s of local artists at:

STEADY MOBBIN’ Who says we don’t get any good shows around here? Well, I do sometimes, when we get an overdose of Tooth & Nail bands rolling though Chico State. But damn it if I wasn’t surprised to see that Ice Cube was coming to the Senator Theatre April 26. First KRS-One, then Ice Cube? Nice.

And let’s not forget that Rick Springfield is coming to Colusa Casino April 15. With the hip ’80s revival in full effect, I’m sure it will be an action-packed event. Tickets are only 40 bucks—a small price to pay to see the guy responsible for “Jesse’s Girl.” Not to mention he played the riveting role of dreamboat Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital. Can’t wait.

LET’S DO THE TRYST The rush of sneaking around and getting away with shit has remained part of the human condition since the first kid decided to steal a cookie from the cookie jar. Well, I’ve been indulging in such behavior lately with a woman. We’re talking some real Romeo and Juliet material here. Our respective “families” forbid the two of us to see one another, but our insatiable appetite for a certain baked good is far too strong to keep us apart. And I know she’s reading this, wondering when we will meet again. And to you, fair maiden, I say today at 11 a.m.