Crying While Eating

This Web site’s purpose is exclusively to present an array of short, wacky videos showing people crying while eating. Poor Chris is at his kitchen counter making and eating a mayonnaise and hot sauce sandwich and crying because he “failed to fill out the right form.” Deirdre is shown eating gummi worms, crying because she “can’t reconcile love of horses with love of gelatin.” John eats “whipped cream, peanut butter and cat food on raisin bread” while crying (with a background soundtrack of piano music) because “being different is bittersweet.” Jordan is blubbering while eating instant Quaker Oats because his girlfriend “is no longer sensitive to his needs.” His girlfriend is in this one, making fun of him for crying. There’s even a clip of Homer Simpson, eating Pinchy the lobster and crying about … Pinchy the lobster. Vote for your favorite: Which eating is the saddest? Which crying is the tastiest? Submit your own video clip up to 30 seconds long for inclusion on the site, which asserts that “crying while eating is good for you.” Bizarre to say the least.