More hip than hippie

Dori and Val’s Web site “tell[s] you everything you wanted to know about living a green lifestyle that is more hip than hippie. It’s upbeat, informative and at times rather funny.” And, they say, “Yes, we shave.” In other words, as their entertaining promo podcast tells us, they’re not stereotypical tree-hugging patchouli wearers, and they aren’t going to preach to us about the benefits of a “green” lifestyle, just provide us with practical information. Subscribe to their free periodic podcast or read their roughly once-a-week Web postings, or both. The site also tells you where alternative fueling stations are, or where to get “an eco-friendly, heated bra.” The most recent installment has links to an organic home brew Web site and to info on “organic fairly-traded gourmet chocolate bars.” Previous installments feature a link to local LaRocca Vineyards, which makes “the most widely distributed organic wine in the country,” and a list of 14 “Green Giving” gift ideas, including “a flock of chicks, goslings or ducklings” from Heifer International for a needy family somewhere in the world, along with the training they need to raise them.