A Redneck Pig Roast

www.deltablues. net/roast.html

Next time you’re invited to a redneck pig roast, check out this Web site before you go. You’ll learn which whisky to drink, when to start drinking it, when you’ll probably pass out by, what musicians never, ever, to say anything bad about and what kind of pig tastes best. Managing to both honor and make fun of southern culture, this hilarious site also includes honest-to-God instructions—with photos—on how to cook a pig in the ground. Additional links: recipes for Cajun spices, directions to the graves of delta-blues musicians, essays on redneck culture, instructions on killing and cleaning pigs, suggested road trips through Louisiana and Mississippi and a list of the south’s best juke joints (you’ll know you’ve found the right page when you see the bullet holes). Answers: Old Stumphole 90-proof sour mash, daybreak the day of the roast, noon, George Jones and Hank Williams, a stolen one. Now give the fire a kick, and pass that bottle.