Hurricane Katrina Sucked

This is the Web site of Dr. Ben Marble, the young emergency room doctor and alternative rock musician, who recently famously said, “Go fuck yourself, Mr. Cheney!” to the vice president when he showed up in Gulfport, Miss., where Marble and his wife and newborn daughter had just had their house devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Via various links, read comments of support: “You rock,” wrote Jenny Day. “Katrina sucked. New Orleans (home) is gone. I am in fucking Texas.” Someone going by the name of The Lipstick Angel wrote: “Ha, ha, ha! Love it! … Thank you. You speak for the country!” Also linked is a lengthy, enlightening piece by OpEdNews.Com writer Jackson Thoreau: “So let’s get this straight: A physician with a newborn baby loses most everything he owns in the hurricane … and ‘echoes’ Cheney’s words he spoke on the Senate floor last year … and then once the media cameras leave, he is treated like a foreign terrorist as Cheney’s goons waving M-16s handcuff him in front of his destroyed home?” Plus, Katrina-related photos and links to sites about Marble’s bands, dR. O and Yoon.