Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Believe it or not, a recent Pew Research Center poll asking whether or not creationism should be taught alongside evolution came back with 64 percent agreeing that kids of all faiths should be subjected to Christian beliefs. No, this poll was not taken only in Kansas, where the school board is considering teaching the Christianity-rooted “Intelligent Design.” Challenging this is physicist Bobby Henderson, who has reared the ugly but benevolent head of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (circa June 2005). In an open letter to the board, Henderson claims that the cult of FSM has a following of over 10 million believers (“Pastafarians”) who believe: The universe was created by an invisible Flying Spaghetti Monster; global warming, earthquakes and other natural disasters are a consequence of the decline of pirates over the centuries; and that Henderson is the FSM’s “prophet.” Additionally, prayers are ended with saying “Ramen” instead of “Amen” and the faithful dress in pirate attire. Three of the minority Kansas School Board members have sent letters of support for Henderson and FSM.