Rock Paper Scissors

This Web site, the Internet home for publicity/marketing company Rock Paper Scissors, is not kidding when it says, “Anyone interested in ‘world music’ will find deep resources on this website.” I followed one trail from the site’s “Shop” (“buy and download hard-to-find music from around the world”), which prompted me to choose from six regions of the world. I chose “Africa” and was then presented with a list of African countries. I chose “Congo & Zaire,” which led me to a list of artists from that part of Africa. I clicked on “Konono” and read a short paragraph about the band, which I’d never heard of before. I clicked on “more” and got a lengthy article on Konono. I also listened to sound clips from its CD Congotronics. One can go, step by step, to any part of the world here and find detailed information about world music artists from that area. The site is packed with info on a long list of RPS bands, from Abyssinia Infinite to Zemog, including reviews and tour schedules. There is also a “Resources” section with advice from bigwigs in the business for aspiring artists and indie labels.