Show Me Your Wound

“So rather than do the smart thing and move the front seat forward to release the pressure I decided just to give it one solid heartfelt tug. The seat came up all right but unfortunately it somehow hooked my index fingernail and pulled it 97% off in one shot.” OK, maybe I should have included this Web site’s disclaimer before jumping right into things (“This site has gross things on it. Don’t look at gross things if it upsets you. Go to and search for ‘pleasant.’”). The description (and image) above are from your new favorite work-day time-suck Web site, Show Me Your Wound. Exploded blisters, sewing needles through fingers, gunshots, road rash and every broken bone imaginable, all with informative back stories and humorous/educational comments from the site’s creator. Whatever you do, don’t look at any of the ones with “Yes, those are my bones,” in the description.