‘Welcome to Qaanaaq’


The idea of traveling to exotic, snow-covered Greenland captivates me. This photo-filled Web site focuses on the town of Qaanaaq, Greenland, population 650, “The northernmost naturally inhabited community in the world” and accessible only by helicopter. The “Tourism” section advises: “You can go traveling by dog sledge in the spring day and night sunshine together with Inuit hunters. … In early July cracks occur in the sea ice and many people go there to fish a kind of fish like small cod … mostly for fun and a ‘social’ event with plenty of hot drinks and food. Time and length of these ‘parties’ on the ice has no meaning at that time of year, since the bright sun shines continuously.” The site has interesting sections on local culture and history and the surrounding settlements: “Qeqertat is a very small settlement. … For long times when one can neither go by sledge or boat it is a rather isolated place … and there is only one phone.”