Haunted Accommodations


Halloween is on the horizon, and it’s time to book your haunted hotel room for the holiday. This Web site features info on haunted lodging in the US, Canada and the UK: “ghost tours,” haunted cities (San Francisco—home of Alcatraz, “the most haunted spot in the city”—is on the list), Web cams and videos to watch for ghostly sightings, ghost-sighting tips and a list of ghostly reference books. One of the California hotels listed, The Groveland Hotel, a renovated 1849 adobe hotel near Yosemite, boasts the haunted (and popular) “Lyle’s Room,” Room 15, former domicile of a gold-panner named Lyle who died under mysterious circumstances in 1927. “Ghost-Sighting Tips” include: “Leave small children at home” and, “Do not go on a ghost hunt if your mind is preoccupied, or if you are depressed, or angry. Negative feelings will interfere with your perception and may drive the spirits away.”