Bigfoot Encounters

An unnamed woman who describes herself as “unaided,” “not an organization, club or group” and “not an affiliate of any group or bias” runs this Web site packed full of information concerning that “very large, living, hirsute bipedal hominid” called Bigfoot, or Sasquatch. The controversial creature is reportedly often sighted in the Northern California, woods, particularly “in … Northern California near the Oregon border,” as well as elsewhere in the United States and Canada. The site has manyf links to articles about Bigfoot and Bigfoot hoaxes, including information on foreign versions of Bigfoot, such as Scotland’s “Big Grey Man of Ben MacDhui.” A short 1969 account of a Magalia couple spotting a Bigfoot crossing the road “at approximately midnight” between Paradise and Stirling City is among the many “California Bigfoot Encounters,” with either the “manimal” or its giant footprints. There’s also a Video, Images, and Sounds section and one on Native American and First Nation Canadian Bigfoot legends, and of course an e-form to “Submit a Sighting.”