Sometimes when I’m longing to travel, I find myself looking at overseas Web sites, like the BBC News site in Welsh, or when I’m hungry while sitting in a waiting room, I’m salivating over pictures in food magazines. Italian franchise Konopizza’s Web site fulfills both of these urges. Written in both Italian and English (with a link to a Spanish version), www.konopizza.it is filled with photos of Konopizzas—portable personal pizzas in an ice-cream-cone-shaped crust—loaded with melted cheese and yummy, sometimes exotic, fillings. There are the “Klassics,” including the Margherita, made with fresh tomato and basil, and the Kapriccio, with mushrooms, spicy salami, ham, green and black olives, capers and oregano. One of the Vegetarian’s ingredients is “grilled marrow.” Don’t be put off: Marrow is a type of British summer squash. One of “The Special Ones” is the Tuna Konopizza, featuring tuna, sweet and sour cucumbers, corn, fresh onion, capers and oregano. There are even dessert Konopizzas: The Cereal Konopizza contains cream, cereal or puffed rice, and chocolate drops or wild berries. “Nothing is better than a Konopizza to seduce your friends,” is Konopizza’s claim.