Donors Choose

Donors Choose provides needy students with resources that public schools often lack based on requests submitted by teachers around the country, many of whom work with students from low-income families (i.e., under-funded districts). The site is organized by region and subject including “Art & Music,” “Literacy & History” as well as “And Beyond,” which includes a request from a second grade teacher at P.S. 115 in Washington Heights for tickets for her students “who rarely get a chance to leave their own neighborhood” to go see The Lion King on Broadway. There are also sections on the site for resource needed, student profiles, cost to complete and special categories. The latter includes a request from a fourth grade visual arts teacher at a school with 80 percent low-income students in South Carolina, seeking $570 to make stepping stones for her students’ garden which gets muddy in the rain, making it impossible for them to work without getting their feet wet. So far, the project is 9 percent funded. Contribute $100 or more to a worthy project and receive photos of the project and thank-you notes from the students.