The Global Gourmet

The Global Gourmet Web site, “the Web’s first food and cooking e-zine,” was created in 1994 and is filled with cookbook reviews, recipes and articles about food. Executive Editor Kate Heyhoe is a well-known chef and cookbook author. One section, “Kate’s Global Kitchen,” currently features an article on making home-and-tummy-warming soups, including recipes for Bourbon Corn Chowder and a Chilean chicken-and-vegetable soup called “Cazuela de Elsa.” Heyhoe weaves her energy agenda nicely into the piece, suggesting that “with fossil fuel costs ramping up so steeply, the costs of installing and using solar-voltaic, wind power, ground-source heat pumps, solar films and renewable energy devices are starting to be mighty competitive.” “Global Destinations” has informative country profiles and recipes from around the world. One is advised that, “[a] vegetarian in Argentina is like a duck out of water,” with Argentina being “second only to the U.S. as the largest consumer of beef in the world.” Also learn to make Finnish Cabbage Rolls (or Kaalikaaryleet), Maraqat al-Safarjal (a Tunisian lamb and quince ragout made with dried rose petals) and Polish “Fire Vodka” (Krupnik).