Cradle to the Grave

A man and his guitar: That’s a bare-bones description of Cradle to the Grave. Morin’s solo effort showcases his deft finger-picking—what he describes as “a culmination of my musical efforts as a soloist thus far.” A member of the Crow tribe, Morin writes songs (eight of the 11 are his) that revolve around, as he puts it, “the theme of spirituality,” with the title track a plea to a higher power to “watch over me” and to help him complete his journey. “Dawn’s Early Light” was written in support of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and its efforts to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline, and features the line: “Stand up and fight by the dawn’s early light.” The mood brightens when he gives both Phish’s “Back on the Train” and Willie Brown’s “Mississippi Blues” a bouncy treatment. Morin’s deft guitar work and warm vocals are a continual delight and reach an apogee on Prince’s “Nothing Compares 2 U.” Great singing and playing equals a real treat!