End of the Webber Era
It’s official. The Lakers kicked the Kings’ asses. The reason? How about the fact that you’re pitting one of the greatest centers ever to play the game, a moose in the prime of his career, against two mediocre centers, the starting one near retirement. Add that to a hobbled Webber and befuddled P. Drag who never could get their games together, and you have a “no contest” sweep. (Note: the Lakers still have a lame home crowd—one that talks on cell phones all game then leaves in the third quarter no matter what the score.) If you’re an LA fan, I guess you like staying with a winner. Any big-market team will always have money to court dynasties—but where’s the fun in that? Bo-ring is what I say about your 1-2 punch.

Though yet to be announced, Webber is out like sauerkraut. Say goodbye to Anderson and Barry too. It’s been nice, but I’m glad Webber’s leaving. All we need is an athletic presence in the paint and a primary scorer for him, and it’s all good (nanny-raping free agent R. Patterson from Seattle had been on my list; Darius Miles or Odom would be the bomb). Go young please, Petrie! We wanna run.

We’ll see if the Kings go “back to expansionism,” like Shaq daddy say. Meanwhile, Laker fans ponder this: If Shaq ever gets hurt—if the diesel ever throws a rod—your team will be weak as hell. Here’s hoping you get beat down by some of my boys coming out of the East. My man from Virginia, Iverson, got more heart than your whole squad. I know ‘cause I’ve seen it up close in Richmond City parks, where Oakley and Mourning also came up. You don’t want none of that, Kobe.

So fresh and so clean (clean)
I tried out the new Rawbar downtown on the corner of Fourth and Broadway and can tell you it’s a fine dining experience. I don’t have any connections there, no asses to blatantly kiss, and I’ll tell you straight up, it’s a little pricier than other sushi joints; but they’re going for the upscale SF city thing. The servings are larger (I liked the spicy tuna roll), and the creative presentation is great (they have a music balcony, too ­jazz and DJ nights!). Thumbs up on a sweet new date spot.

Weekly props
1. The Rawbar

2. My boy Hido

3. “Die before you die.” — Rumi

4. Full court Chico Sports Club ball