Bone up, gentlemen!

Tips for men wanting to keep their bones healthy and steer clear of osteoporosis

A common misconception is that osteoporosis affects only women, but 20 percent of Americans afflicted with the disease are men. The following tips can help men keep their bones healthy for life:

1. Get plenty of calcium and vitamin D: They are essential to keep bones growing throughout our lives as old bone cells die away.

2. Don’t smoke: The correlation between nicotine consumption and bone loss has been common knowledge to doctors for more than two decades.

3. Lift weights: Weight-bearing and resistance exercises have been found to benefit bones.

4. Watch the alcohol consumption: Alcohol interferes with the way our bodies process calcium and vitamin D.

5. Keep testosterone levels up: Some testosterone is converted to estrogen, which preserves bone density. Regular exercise, a balanced diet and getting enough sleep are the best ways to keep testosterone levels up.

Source: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel