Americans lose faith in future

They no longer think their kids will do better

A recent Zogby poll revealed what’s become a trend in pessimism about the future: American parents today do not believe their children will have better lives than they have. The poll, which questioned Americans on the current state of the country’s economy, did show some promise: The number of people who ranked their personal financial situation as “poor” had decreased from the last time these questions were asked, in October 2009. But what’s upsetting to many, as evidenced by the scores of bloggers and commentators who have noticed a shift in the past year, is that more than half of Americans, who have long been optimistic about the future, do not foresee prosperity for their children. The recent Zogby poll breaks down respondents’ confidence levels in their kids doing better than they did:

Confidence October 2009 February 2011
Very 12% 7%
Fairly 23% 21%
Not very 30% 35%
Not at all 17% 16%
Not sure/no kids 18% 21%