Americans against Syrian strike

Conservatives show strongest opposition to U.S. intervention

A majority of Americans oppose U.S. military action in Syria, even in the wake of President Bashar al-Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons, a recent poll found. According to Gallup, 51 percent of respondents were against such action, while 36 percent favored it. That’s the lowest level of support in 20 years of polling prior to U.S. military intervention. The poll was taken last Tuesday and Wednesday (Sept. 3-4), so it’s unclear how Americans’ minds have changed with the news that Assad’s regime is willing to relinquish its chemical weapons. Here’s how the latest poll breaks down by political affiliation and ideology:

Intervention in Syria:
Favors vs. opposes:

Democrats 45% vs. 43%

Independents 34% vs. 53%

Republicans 31% vs. 58%

Conservatives 33% vs. 59%

Moderates 40% vs. 43%

Liberals 37% vs. 51%