43 Things


I live on the second story, and it struck me the other day that building a rope ladder to toss from my window would save me the trouble of going downstairs and out a door. It seemed practical enough at the time. Scouring the Internet for instructions on building a rope ladder didn’t come up with much of anything, but it did lead me to this nifty Web site, where users can fund something they would like to do, network with those who have similar desires and provide tips on how to successfully accomplish these goals. If you can’t find the activity you’re looking for, you can start your own group concerning it. Since users can propose anything they want, the site supports communities interested in everything from preparing sushi, to starting a crime ring, to building time machines. I’m a little surprised no one thought of this sooner. 43 Things is like a MySpace that traded in its fashion concern for an interest in DIY culture. Cool! So far I’m all alone in the rope ladder community, but I’m sure more will come.