BoreMe really isn’t boring at all. It’s filled with interesting short videos, amusing commercials from around the world, funny photos (sometimes elaborated upon for comic effect) and “found” letters uploaded for the sheer titillation value to the viewer/reader. From mundane subject matters, such as the riot-act-reading e-mail between a guy and his former squeeze who, while on a date with him, somehow ended up providing sexual favors to another guy during her 45-minute restroom break, to choice celebrity nuggets like the video of Tom Cruise’s manic Oprah appearance where he wildly declared his love for Katie Holmes, there’s plenty to like here. Under “Celebrities,” there’s great old footage of Arnie the Governator dancing and professing his love for Brazilian butts. Even better than that are his Japanese vitamin drink commercials—very bizarre! Hit “Top 10” or “Random” for many fine moments of entertainment.