Issue: May 18, 2017

This week's cover story: Climate-driven sea rising is a "slow-moving emergency [that] is lapping at California's shore," writes Julie Gart in "California submerged," a story commissioned by the nonprofit organization CALmatters. Polar ice is melting faster than scientists expected and will result in massive flooding before the end of the century, experts say. If you care about California, you should read this article.

Also in this issue: Sacramento County recently took a giant step in support of juveniles whose encounters with the justice system have left them deeply in debt, writes Matt Kramer; Scott Thomas Anderson profiles a group of Folsom residents who have organized in opposition to a proposal to fell some 80 trees in a popular forest hideaway; Raheem Hosseini shows how the annual point-in-time census of homeless residents gets it all wrong; SN&R CEO Jeff vonKaenel chides Big Pharma for failing to fund programs to take back unused and unwanted prescription drugs; and Aaron Carnes profiles Temple K. Kirk, a trans woman who uses experimental pop music to tell her story.